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Author: Yuri Shub

Digital marketing specialist, blogger, and a self-taught growth hacker. I advise startups and high-tech companies on growth and marketing

Yuri Shub Co-founder and COO at Partner

Author: Yuri Shub

Yuri Shub Co-founder and COO at Partner

Digital marketing specialist, blogger, and a self-taught growth hacker. I advise startups and high-tech companies on digital strategy and topics such as Inbound Marketing, User Acquisition, and Retention. 

Linkedin Automation – How to Automate and Scale A Startup Founder Profile Growth

So you’re a startup founder. But if you haven’t got the chance to build yourself a good Linkedin profile so far, you might feel that you lack connections to people that might help you progress.


Your Linkedin profile is your most important business card as a startup founder. You never know who might be checking you each moment, but you must look 100% legit and trustworthy every single minute.


Great Content Isn’t Enough

However, even if you invested time to create some kick-ass content optimization on your profile, and you got all your previous work experience and projects presented in the best way, you still have to grow your contacts base.


Nothing’s going to happen if you leave it as is with tens or maybe couple of hundreds of connections. If you want to take advantage of Linkedin, your goal should be to connect to at least 5,000 relevant people. You have to connect with other founders, investors, experts and thought leaders in your field.


Linkedin is a social network, and there is a huge advantage for people who are already well connected. To start from the bottom is never easy, but there is no other way if you want to reach the right people and possibly to have the right people reaching out to you.


To make it happen, you have to expand your network, connect with relevant people, and sell yourself as an entrepreneur.



How to Automate Your Network’s Growth

Fortunately, there is a way to automate your Linkedin profile growth via automation software.


It means that you can save a significant amount of time by automating connection requests messages.


And also other processes such as inviting your connection to a Linkedin group or even sending emails to your contacts.

I use a tool called Linked Helper that helps me with two major issues:


1 – Manage lists of prospects:

Which is creating lists of prospects that I’d like to connect with. What great about Linkedin Helper is that it copies all the data from searches that you conduct.


For example, let’s say I want to collect a list of all the VCs partners in the US.


So I go and search Linkedin where I choose an industry (finance), a keyword (VC, or venture capital), and a position/title (partner). Linked Helper will copy that list, save it for any use I might have for it in the future.


2 – Automating the connection requests sending for each list

Just like with email automation, Linked Helper allows me to write a template message and use dynamic placeholders for first name, company name, etc.


After preparing my connection request message, it can automatically send the requests to the prospect I have on the list that I build before.


And after that, people will start approving them. Not everybody will, but at least 50% will choose to connect with you.


The chances of approval rise if your profile looks legit, and if you have mutual connections with the prospect (meaning that it’s a 2nd-degree connection).

However, this is only the first step.


Engage, Provide Value, and Be Helpful

You also want to do something after your requests have been approved.


The best thing you can do is immediately provide value. What I usually do is I send a message where I offer my help in my fields of expertise, and invite my new connections to join my Linkedin community.


My Linkedin community is a Linkedin group where I share many hacks & tips for startup marketing, and it’s also a place where people can ask questions and get answers from professionals like myself.

(btw, I also run a Facebook group for startups, you should check it out)


Another thing that you can do is share helpful content. So, for instance, let’s say that your company has conducted in-depth research in your field, and its findings can help your prospects improve their business performance.


In this case, you can send this research you your newly added connections as a kind of a welcome message.


Linked Helper helps you automate this process. You have to pick a specific list of the ones you built earlier, and the tool will run every few hours in the background, and send this message to newly added connections from that list.


Segment Your Audience to Stay Authentic

By segmenting your lists, and your content that you share you will increase the chances to have meaningful engagements with relevant prospects.


For example, I work with lots of travel-tech startups. So I’m always trying to expand my hotelier’s network.


Therefore each time that I’m sending connection requests to hoteliers, I have a custom message that goes like this:

Linkedin connection request hospitality


I follow up with the people who approved my connection request by using content that is dedicated to hoteliers.


Linkedin hospitality welcome message


On the other hand, here is the funnel that I use when I’m connecting with tech entrepreneurs and startup founders.


I use the same skeleton but modify the content so it would appear more relevant to this kind of prospects.


Connection request message:

Linkedin connection startups requests


Welcome message to newly added connections:


Linkedin startups welcome message message


Be Careful and Don’t Overuse These Tools

Now, if you’re planning to use automation tools such as Linked Helper, you should always remember that Linkedin doesn’t recommend 3rd party tools that automate the process on their platform.


By using such tools you risk with being banned from Linkedin.


When I automate some of my activities, I only do it for tasks that I would have done manually anyway.


For example, I will just connect with relevant people and will send no more than 50 requests or messages per day.


If you want to read more on that subject, here are some recommended links:






No matter what, do not pass these limits and even set up more strictly limits for yourself: https://medium.com/linked-helper/what-kind-of-limits-should-i-use-88df661c6cf0


What To Do Next To Grow Your Linkedin Profile

Most of the things here are just a matter of copy and paste.


I’d say that the hardest part is simply beginning doing it.


Many people, even in the startups/tech world are reluctant to try social automation tools.


That’s a shame, because of these work. It doesn’t mean your not authentic; it means that you are aware that the online world moves fast, and you’re doing your best to catch up because staying behind isn’t an option for people with goals.


Having said that, you should remember that there is no substitution to real face-to-face connections.


Make sure you meet with at least one new person in your area each month.


This is the right way to network offline, but when you’re online, you should everything that you can that might help you scale.


That’s it for now,

Cheers 🙂


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